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5 Reasons Why The Tibetan Lucky Knot Bracelet

Is More Than Just An Accessory

The Benefits Of Kundalī Intention Bracelets

  • 1. The detailed process of creation.

    Exclusively made by Tibetan Buddhist monks and artisans, each one takes 1-3 days to handmake and is blessed holistically with every piece crafted as they recite mantras and prayers to bless them for eternity — a testament to how careful and meticulous the creation process is.

  • 2. The Classic design and material of the Collection.

    All materials are sustainably harvested with intricate designs based on Zen Buddhism. They are worn by practitioners from different faiths: Hinduism, Kabbalah, Buddhism, and Christianity.

  • 3. The spiritual benefit.

    In energy work, this bracelet can become a talisman, which is charged with energies that are to protect the wearer.

  • 4. The meaning it embeds.

    The meanings and benefits ingrained in each bracelet range from protection to instilling the essence of Zen Buddhism Qualities.

  • 5. A reminder to set intentions.

    We create genuine bracelets that empower people to live with intention and action. Our offerings are handmade, blessed, and a reminder to set intentions and manifest dreams.

We would like to invite you try our one of our
Handmade Tibetan Blessed Knots. It’s the first line to bring mindfulness
and meditation to a new generation.


Who Hasn’t Heard Of Leonardo DiCaprio? 

The string bracelets, especially the red one, considered as a talisman that gets charged with energies that protect its wearer. It should be worn on the left wrist as it is believed that the left side of the body is the receiving end. With this, it allows the flow of good fortunes, luck, and vibrations to come to you.

We all know how Leonardo DiCaprio values accessories. Much like how the ‘Heart of the Ocean’ impacted Leo’s character Jack, Leo wears the bracelet as a source of energy and positivity.


We acknowledge the need for people to have a collection that doesn’t only give value to aesthetics but also on its origin and purpose. That’s why we came up with the perfect solution to this problem.

Kundalini’s Tibetan Handmade Lucky Knots Collection is one of the most sought-after accessories right now. The pieces crafted by Buddhist monks as they recite mantras and prayers to bless them for eternity. Each knot bracelet takes 1 to 3 days to create and carry intentions that bring good fortune, health, positive vibrancy as they were all handmade and directly manufactured from Potala Palace, a Tibetan lama temple in China.

Other influential people that you know and love, wear it as well.

Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie

From Tibet to Winterfell, these bracelets will protect you. Wearing it should be a must because who knows? The Night King could just be right at your doors.


Lebron James

From Tibet to Basketball, these bracelets will send in positive vibrations. We may have just figured out why this is called the Tibetan Lucky Knot Bracelet after all.


“Given all that’s been said, the Tibetan Lucky Knot Bracelet is a movement to go beyond the aesthetics. Accessories should have a purpose.”

What people are saying about us…

“I was very impressed with the quality and delivery. I will tell anyone I know that is looking for a quality piece to order from you. I love it. My pieces have brought me the best energy of any pieces I've bought elsewhere before. They truly carry a Presence with them. So all and all I have nothing but good things to say about this item.” — Cindy A.

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Kundalini Prana Products are tailor-made for the environmentally conscious.

No extra packaging, no animal testing, no paragons or phthalates. All the materials in our products are eco-friendly and harvested sustainably. Designed and blessed to help you find a calmer mind, body and spirit.

It’s about mindfulness. It’s about empowering. It’s about intentions.

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