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Buddhist Handcrafted Nature Sandalwood Bracelet for "Protection, Prosperity & Happiness" - 7 Healing Balance Chakra Natural Crystals

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• Each item is carefully handcrafted by Tibetan Buddhists Monks and Nuns for 2 to 5 days. Check out our blog to find out more info on your 7 Chakras and Crystals at this link or check out Buddhist Collection here.
• Blessed with their mantras and prayers, the crafting of each one hails from their vision to spread good luck, peace, health, fortune and positivity for eternity. 

• Size is adjustable (15-22cm)
• Environment friendly Materials used in this item are Natural Earth Sandalwood, Genus Tagua Ivory Nuts and Natural Frosted Granite Hand-carved Crystals, which are known for inducing protection, strength, entirety, prosperity and peace of mind.

Keeping things in perfect balance have always been one of toughest task a person could ever come across. In the weight of things that a person juggles singlehandedly, it is almost impossible for people to believe on its very concept. This lucky bracelet, however, incorporates the sense of spirituality imbibed with its very core of making to induce and impart the right amount of balance to its wearer.

True to Our Essence as stars and more than who we think we are, this hand-carved intricate of more than 17 unique handmade stones infuses the spirit of enlightenment on its wearer for the whole of the person in it's wholesome oneness. This bracelet also brings about good luck and attracts “all that is good”. The selection of colors available symbolizes a spectrum of perspective, all of which are interconnected by the spiritual meaning each embeds.

In a world full of chaos, these 7 unique mixture healing chakra granite stones are what you need. This Handmade Knots Lucky Rope Bracelet made by Tibetan Buddhists, induces great positivity, universal acceptance, unity, and wholeness. With the intricacy of its very design and the divine powers of mantras incorporated in its making, it embeds a sense of security and an armor from negative energy. 

This bracelet is from the BUDDHIST HANDCRAFTED NATURE SANDALWOOD BRACELET COLLECTION, a collection which integrates the essence of energy work in the wearer’s being. All string bracelets carry powerful energy as they were carefully chosen, hand-carved and intricately grinned by Tibetan Buddhists Monks and Nuns while chanting their mantras.