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Buddhist Handcrafted Nature Sandalwood Bracelet for "Spirit Awakening" (made with Nature's White Bodhi & Rudraksha Seed)

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• Each item is carefully handmade by Tibetan Buddhists for 1-2 days. 
• Blessed with their mantras and prayers, the crafting of each one hails from their vision to spread good luck, peace, and eternal positivity.
• Materials used in this item are White Bodhi Seeds and Rudraksha Seeds, which are both essential in maintaining the spiritual energy engraved within our inner selves.

Before Prince Siddhartha became Buddha, he sat under a Bodhi tree and there, he meditated. It was believed that under this very tree, he received enlightenment, thus becoming Buddha. This necklace made out of Bodhi Seeds has helped Buddhist everywhere during their meditation to bring them a sense of peace and wisdom to ultimately achieve enlightenment.

For thousands of years, Rudraksha has been linked to create a consecrated linking between the mind, body, and soul. This connection benefits everyone, regardless of his or her religious background. Besides this, it creates protection unto is wearer to help maintain peace and avoid negative energy.

This bracelet is from the Bracelet Collection of Kundalini Prana. Each unique bracelet carries powerful energy as they were handcrafted by Tibetan Buddhists while chanting their mantras.