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Natural Crystal Gemstone ~ Eight Planetary Solar System Bracelet ~ for "Chakra and You are your own Star & Universe"

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  • Each pieces are made to order using authentic materials and carefully handfinished, because of this, a ring can take as much as 3-6 days to make. See more of this collection by clicking this link.
  • Ethically sourced, Conflict free and Sustainable Materials used are the Environment Friendly Earth-Pure Agate Pieces in different length and styles that are then blessed by Tibetan monks. Blessed with their prayers, each one goes is built upon their vision to spread good luck, peace, and positivity for eternity.
  • Natural Mineral Stones "Handfinished" or final surface treatment is constructed by hand, so each piece's craftsmanship creates a distinctive look and character.
  • Size (please check size image). Model Used: Height of 165cm, Weight of 45kg, Wrist Size of 14cm and Bracelet Size of 8-10mm (Medium Size / Length 18-19cm) 
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They aim for you to realize that you are the star in your own solar system, that you are important and integral to the way things work. This creates powerful energy that radiates into anybody you come into contact with, filling them with warmth and positivity. The symbolism behind the solar system can be broken down into individual bodies. The Sun is usually represented by the aptly named Sunstone. It can, however, be portrayed through Citrine, Golden Topaz, or Carnelian. Most commonly of all, whoever wears the bracelet is the sun, therefore there will be no Sunstone. Mercury is represented by Fire Agate, however, a solar bracelet can also use Citrine or yellow Jasper. Mercury is usually a yellow stone that can help with anything logic-related. It encourages learning and education. Venus Rose quartz, as a stone of love, is perfect for the role of Venus. Jade, Emerald, or Amazonite can all be used to a lesser extent. The gemstone for Venus, usually green or pink, enhances love in all areas of life. Planet earth is usually represented with Azurite, Sodalite, or Turquise. Application is in fact what makes Earth - Earth. All the methods, which refer to various acts of everyday life, nutrition, breathing, relations with people and the cosmos, those that come from our learning about the acts of life, represent Earth. Earth is strength and stability.

Mars Usually represented by red jasper, Mars is a small but powerful stone in your planet bracelet. Mars is symbolized by strength, valor, and courage. Jupiter is usually portrayed with turquoise, but solar system bracelets can feature white Topaz or Lapis lazuli instead and have similar effects. Jupiter represents wisdom, truth, and justice. Jupiter was the king of the gods, so his word was final. Saturn: The representation of this planet can take the form of many stones: brown banded Agate and for this the Smoky Quartz. Saturn focuses its energy on breaking down limitations, whether self-imposed or externally inflicted. It empowers you to have more self-control. Uranus is the first of the more distant planets. Typically, it’s depicted through the use of Quartz. This stone allows you to express yourself on a deeper level, encouraging your originality to shine. Neptune is symbolized through Amethysts, though Sapphire and Jade can both be used, too (random used here). Named after the Roman god of the Sea, Aquamarine is also a suitable candidate. The Neptune stone is a very personal one. It nurtures a more profound insight into the self, supporting reflection, especially in regards to strong emotions.

Our authentic agate pieces are from the SOULFUL NATURAL CRYSTAL GEMSTONE (FINISHED-BY-HAND) COLLECTION, a raw collection which integrates the essence of energy work in the wearer’s well-being. All bracelets carry powerful energy and intention from being blessed & prayed for by Tibetan Buddhists after creation. Finally, our cut quality represents the highest standards for ideal proportions making each stone brilliant, radiant, and as bright as possible. We call them Ideal cut, or in GIA standardized terms they would be “excellent”.