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Natural Crystal Gemstone ~ Spectrolite Labradorite Bracelet & Grey Moonstone ~ for "Healing and All Attraction"

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  • Each pieces are made to order using authentic materials and carefully handfinished, because of this, a ring can take as much as 3-6 days to make. See more of this collection by clicking this link.
  • Ethically sourced, Conflict free and Sustainable Materials used are the Environment Friendly Earth-Pure Agate Pieces in different length and styles that are then blessed by Tibetan monks. Blessed with their prayers, each one goes is built upon their vision to spread good luck, peace, and positivity for eternity.
  • Natural Mineral Stones "Handfinished" or final surface treatment is constructed by hand, so each piece's craftsmanship creates a distinctive look and character.
  • Size (please check size image). Female Model Used: Height of 165cm, Weight of 45kg, Wrist Size of 14cm and Bracelet Size of 8mm (Medium Size / Length 18-19cm)
  • Chance of Free Bonus Gift for All Orders.

Feel connected to the Universe and all beings. Strengthen your intuition and psychic gifts. See the truth and cut through all illusions. Transcend to higher levels of consciousness. Let Labradorite inspire you to reach for the stars! Spiritual: Labradorite evokes the energy of the stars and the awe-inspiring Aurora Borialis and Aurora Australis. It is a stone of Great Magic, awakening our natural gifts and connecting us to a mysterious world in which all things are possible. Emotional: Labradorite has a sweet calming effect on the heart, helping us to be more contemplative and less given to irrational emotions. Mental: Labradorite stimulates imagination and creativity, while also encouraging analysis and logic. It invites us to see the world with a child-like wonder and to be more curious about the natural and spiritual worlds. Physical: Labradorite is a recommended when something is wrong with the physical body but we can’t figure out what is causing the problem or how to heal it. It offers support when we are confused and frustrated.

Generally called the ‘New Moon Stone,’ Natural Grey Moonstone is truly a stone of perceiving beyond the veil, moving one to unseen realms. Grey Moonstone is said to carry the mysteries and powers of the new moon, where all things exist as potential. They are the moonstones of the new moon where potential abounds.

Our authentic agate pieces are from the SOULFUL NATURAL CRYSTAL GEMSTONE (FINISHED-BY-HAND) COLLECTION, a raw collection which integrates the essence of energy work in the wearer’s well-being. All bracelets carry powerful energy and intention from being blessed & prayed for by Tibetan Buddhists after creation. Finally, our cut quality represents the highest standards for ideal proportions making each stone brilliant, radiant, and as bright as possible. We call them Ideal cut, or in GIA standardized terms they would be “excellent”.